anirt Designs is a professional quilting service and has many years of experience, offering our quilting service since 1999. We may have quilted many quilts but we still love to see want our clients have been making and hearing the stories behind them, who it’s for, where it’s going, where the idea came from etc. So many lovely quilts with so many interesting stories, then the delight when clients see their completed projects quilted and looking so great.

We have a continually growing selection of quilting patterns to offer and can certainly help with the pattern selection when we see your patchwork top. Clients talk to us about unfinished projects, perhaps partly hand quilted, or otherwise projects which are unable to be finished for various reasons, sometimes incomplete tops found in the back of cupboards, or something beautiful that another family member or friend has started and lost interest in or have been unable to complete. These works do come to us from time to time. We offer ideas and solutions to finish these projects and our clients are pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful they are upon completion.

A lot of time effort and money has gone into your quilt so let’s get it finished, whether it is a just-completed top, one started a while ago where the hand quilting is just taking far too long, or simply if you are super eager to start the next quilt, then give us a call. We just may be able to help and it may not be anywhere as expensive as you think, and as we have a quick turnaround, your quilt could be back sooner than you ever imagined. We also offer a binding so your quilt can come back totally finished. No harm in finding out, so just ask! Phone Trina on 0409 302 468 to discuss your quilting needs or to make an appointment.

We can also be found at ‘that great market’ at Lindfield where we have a stall with many quilts on display so you can see how patterns look on real quilts. You may have already visited us at the St Ives Heritage Fair. We started there in 2000 until it closed in 2015 or you may have seen our work at St Ives annual Agricultural Show and may possibly have even purchased a quilt, a bag, a cushion from us at one of these events.

We have a range of pre-made quality quilts, bags, cushions and various other fun and decorative items for sale. Some things can be custom made to suit your individual requirements. Please look at the SHOP tab for further information.